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Your new website should act as a gateway to new business or contact and its important that the design is correct and information on pages is descriptive and accurate and provides the reader with what they need to be aware off. Flashy websites with graphics flying over the page or flash generated sites cannot be read by the search engines so they look nice but!!!

A decent website should have, on its page , about five hundred words of which your description and keywords should be contained in that information. 

Some Thoughts

Before you begin: 

Consider your audience and your goals . You should have a clear sense of who will be using your site  and what kind of experience you are hoping to provide. 

What exactly are you trying to accomplish here

Why is this important

Plan your site on paper first. You can draw a "family tree" of pages with arrows indicating links. Or you can make a hierarchical outline. Either way, it is essential to organize your information and lay out the architecture of your site before attempting to implement your vision. 

Only you know your business and have a passion for it. PC Web Design Service can assist you in the process of making you visible on the Internet

by proper SEO (Search Engine Optimisation.)

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